Pain and Smokin’ Guns BBQ

In making some new york style pizza sauce, I broke one of the most rudimentary culinary rules and grabbed my junk immediately after crushing whole red peppers in my hand.

I feel the heat.

Last week I visited Smokin’ Guns BBQ as a part of my quest to eat as much BBQ in KC as possible. The place seems to get pretty mixed reviews. I got the brisket with fries (I ordered sweet potato, but it came with regular fries, and I was too lazy to argue) and BBQ beans. Briskets were good and smoky, but were rather dry and flaky. Slices were thin, so while it was good as a vehicle for sauce that you can push large amounts in your mouth, it was not up to par with the great BBQ places in KC.


However, the side dishes were all really consistent. Fries were uniformly cooked and crisp, BBQ beans were well balanced in their flavor, and I imagine it would be easy to go through a whole bowl of it. A friend of mine who is on a quest to find the coleslaw of his dreams (he somehow developed an idea of what a coleslaw should taste like, which no coleslaw ever have lived up to) said that while it did not taste “like a coleslaw should,” he kept remembering about it through the week. Great thing was single meat with two sides were 7.25, which is quite cheap for KC BBQ.

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