Recently I have realized the cathartic quality of bailing. Making elaborate plans, contacting people, and just canceling everything to sit in a dark room, drink cheap beer and listen to records gives you a rush that is quite addictive. My ideal situation would be to put together a large going away party for myself, and bailing at the last minute. What a wonderful feeling that might be.

Another thing I recently realized, besides the beauty of bailing and the fact that doom and death metal are lovely music to read to (the continuous drone gives you something to listen to without any distractions), is that wontons make a great meal for a person living alone. Since the skin is the appeal of wantons, you don’t need as much pork as you would with a shumai or potstickers. Also, folding a square into triangles are much easier to accomplish in comparison to crescent moons and other stuff. The one obstacle is acquiring the skin, which comes in somewhat large quantities, which is a problem for someone who cooks only for themselves.

So I started making my own skin. Its deceptively easy. A pretty satisfying meal can be made with just 70g of all purpose flour, and 50ml of boiling water, and a dash of salt. Just mix the all purpose flour and salt with water, knead til they come together, and leave it alone for about 30 minutes. Roll it out into a thin sheet using corn starch to prevent sticking, and cut into squares.

With wanton you can just wet the square, put a large teaspoon of filling in, and fold them in half into triangles.


If you are feeling extremely ambitious, you can wet the two corners of the triangle and put them together, like this:


These will create wantons that are much easier to grab with chopsticks.

Only thing you have to do after that is throwing them into a large pot of water, wait for them to float up, give them a minute or so, and scoop them out.


For one meal I put them in a soup that I made using chicken stock, soy sauce, sake, and a bit of sesame oil.

in soup

Another dish you can make is 紅油抄手 with Szechwan peppercorns, garlic, sugar, chili oil, soy sauce, and a bit of sugar.


Or just dump some soy sauce, vinegar, and chili oil on them.

For the fillings, there are thousands of ways to make them, and I’m still looking for my definitive one.

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