RJ’s Bob-be-cue

A week of having two young Japanese college kids crashing at my small 1 bedroom house has left me exhausted. I could not believe how much they ate. Basically, I spent all day preparing lunch, playing video games with them, preparing dinner, and then providing them with beer while we played more video games. After the week, I was left alone with a tired liver, a devastated stomach and an addiction for an old snowboard game. I recovered a couple days ago, so I decided to go to one of the few famous BBQ joints that I haven’t explored yet, which was RJ’s Bob-be-cue.

The reviews by serious BBQ bloggers that I checked were all somewhat favorable without being extremely enthusiastic, so I didn’t have high hopes for the place. I went there around 11:00am on a weekday, and while I was there, I only saw one regular who kept talking to whom I presume was Bob, and an old guy who came in who was enraged by the treatment he received at the place yesterday.

Within my half hour there, I gathered that the guy complained about the brightness of the lighting (since I could only get a decent photo by setting the camera at 1/4 shutter speed with 3.8 aperture with 3200 ISO, this was an exaggeration) which the waitress responded to by giving him a choice of seating. He refused, asked the waitress to dim the lights, or possibly turn off them altogether. When she expressed difficulties in doing so, he left. By the way, while he was talking about this, he ordered a glass of iced tea, which he told the staff to cancel at the last minute. This made wonderful entertainment while I dined.

I ordered a jumbo beef brisket sandwich with fries, 7.95.

RJ's Bob-b-que: Beef brisket sandwich with fries

The lean and very thin sliced beef was chewy and was just a bit dry, resembling the dish I got from Smokin’ Guns BBQ. However, the sweetness of the fat came through just enough to keep things enjoyable. The rub didn’t impart a strong flavor on the meat, which actually worked in its favor, since you were able to focus on the flavor of the meat and smoke. The flavor of the meat was somewhat delicate, which creates a stark contrast against joints such as Arthur Bryants, which is all about strong, assertive flavors. The sauce was a wonderful accompaniment to this meat. The rather thin and untraditional sauce added a bit of fruitiness and sweetness to the meat without overwhelming it. While the meat and sauce were not what you would expect from a KC BBQ joint, the flavors were very well balanced and a joy to consume.

The only thing I had trouble with was the bun. The large bun for the Jumbo sandwich may have been a tad too substantial for the delicately sliced and flavored meat.

Anyway, solid bbq, well-thought flavorings, and great entertainment.

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