Ramen failure and partial success

One thing that I could never figure out is how long the initial boil of the bones should be. Without it, the broth takes on a cloudy and brown color, and overdoing the process leads to a less flavorful broth.

Example 1: Too much boiling

Shoyu ramen

I used a bunch of leftover chicken thigh bones for this one. Even after two rounds of throwing the bone into a pot of boiling water and washing it, the broth took on a shade of pink. After the third time, when I put the lid on my pressure cooker, hoped for the best, and left it on for an hour, the broth still had an unappealing color. I threw that away, and filled my pot up with water for the third time. The result was a clear, beautiful looking broth that tasted like nothing.

Example 2: Partial success


Shoyu ramen with pork back soup

For this one, I used pork back bones I got from a Chinese market. Instead of throwing the bones in boiling water, I put the bones in cold water, and washed the bones after the water came to a boil. This worked much better, and the amount of coagulated blood and other unidentifiable gunk that floated on top satisfied me immensely.

After an hour and a half in the pressure cooker, I took out the bones and picked the meat from them. I sautéed the meat in sugar, sake, soy sauce, and a bit of fish sauce. When I took a bite, the meat tasted amazing. A bit too good, in fact.

Meat from pork back bone, after ramenThat’s when I realized that I didn’t stew the bones for long enough. If I extracted every bit of flavor in the bones, I should have ended up with tasteless, dry bits of meat that can only be salvaged by heavy flavoring. However, this ramen by-product that I made still retained some porky flavor that could have gone into the soup.

This is completely unrelated, but Taiwan has a bill on review for same sex marriage. Taiwan has one of the most progressive countries in Asia in terms of LGBT issues, and the passing of this bill could help not only in making people’s lives more livable, but in affecting the discourse on marginalized sexuality in Asia. The bill has been opposed by some, who state that the passing on this bill will encourage polyamory or orgies (which ignores the fact that this will benefit monogamous couples) or even bestiality (which I have no idea why this is an issue. If you cannot differentiate between homosexuality and bestiality, I don’t think  you understand the issue at hand.)

Anyway, if you can read Chinese, or have anybody that can translate for you, and would like to support the bill, you can sign a petition here. 

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