Beer making: 5 gallon all grain with a 19L pot

I’ve been brewing my own beer for about an year now. I started mainly because of the cost of beer in Vancouver, which is at least a dollar and a bit for the shittiest beers, and close to two dollars for a bottle of decent beer. Brewing my own, and reusing yeast has lowered the cost of beer to about 50-60 cents a bottle. Now that’s how much I paid for Hamm’s in the US. Wonderful. Brewing with extracts don’t take too much time or attention, so I was quite content.

However, my tendency towards obsession and cheapness drove me further. I wanted to do all-grain brewing for its lower cost and the potential to customize my mashing. I only had a 19L (or maybe it’s 20L) canning pot that I picked up at the thrift store, while people usually agree that you need at least a 7.5 gallon pot for brewing a 5 gallon batch of all-grain homebrew.

I usually love sticking to people’s recommendations, but I decided to test out all-grain in a 5 gallon pot anyway. I really wanted to try all-grain, and I don’t have the resources (or the space) to get a burner and a big pot for outdoor brewing.

I decided to use a combination of brew in a bag and sparging (or putting it simply, just dunking grains in a bucket full of hot water). The result was a success! I’ve done this twice now, and I constantly hit at least 75% efficiency with my brews.

So here’s the explanation to what I did. My brain is too jumbled to explain it verbally, so I just drew the whole thing on a tablet. That’s why the whole thing is horrendously ugly.

1-All grain 1-001

2-All grain 2-001

I would love to have a better setup with a dedicated mash tun in the future, but this works pretty well in the meantime. I can throw in about 2.5 kg of grains without problem.

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