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Today’s food: gochujang carbonara

Carbonara-style with gochujang, pork belly, garlic, green onions

I always thought the method employed in carbonara of creating a thick, rich sauce from whole eggs had a lot of potential. For this dish, I rendered the fat out of sliced pork belly, mixed in some sandon noodles (udon will work fine) and then tossed the noodles in an egg and gochujang (korean chili paste) mixture, warming it up carefully so the eggs won’t completely congeal. Threw in some green onions, and I was finished. Simple, and a great way to use up the big vat of gochujang sitting in my fridge.


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Today’s food: stir-fried udon (yaki-udon)

Years of living alone has made me develop the uncanny ability of cooking while nursing a heavy hangover.


Fry sliced onions, bok choy, and pork slices. Add butter, grated garlic, soy sauce. Garnish with bonito flakes.

The most popular version is seasoned only with soy sauce. But my hangover demanded a bit more grease and substance. Hence, the garlic and butter. I recommend adding those two things.


I also cannot get the Luke Haines album title out of my head.

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Today’s food: Pork nanban udon

Nanban with pork

Nanban: Noodle soup dish containing meat with large (leek sized) scallions.

Kombu (kelp) and dried anchovy broth with sake, sugar, and soy sauce.

Stew pork (or duck, or chicken) throw in sliced green onions, stew until slightly wilted.

Pour over cooked udon or soba.

Even if you are using granulated instant fish broth,  the meat enhances the flavor of the soup.

And don’t forget to sprinkle some shichimi.


And some unrelated stuff:

Acid Mothers Temple at Media Club.



Japanese men with long beards


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